08 May 2013

Dear Twitter...

Dear Twitter: if you're going to continue to be jerks about letting people write new twitter clients, please can I have an official twitter client for the Mac that:

1. Puts the latest tweet at the bottom of the page, not at the top.
2. Puts the box to enter a new tweet at the bottom of the page, below the most recent tweet, not in its own window.
3. Keeps track of last tweet read, oldest tweet not seen, and so on, and lets me jump easily and reliably to each of these points.
4. When I uncheck "When new tweets arrive, scroll to top", then when new tweets arrive, don't scroll to the top. (in fact it'd be nice to have a visible toggle (like a pushpin) that controlled scrolling, because that's something I like to tweak on and off, but just having that work would be a start)
5. When I click on a link, just send it to my browser, don't go "hey, that's a picture, let me open it in my crippled picture viewer that doesn't let you copy images, image locations, or see commentary".

Yes, I know this is a long list. It's also incomplete. These are just the most annoying things, the ones that make me go "I can't DEAL with this before I've had my coffee".

There's more. Lots more. Like, how about showing me the display name of a poster inline instead of their cute little picture, and displaying retweets as "@friend: RT @gonzo: blag blah blah" instead of "@gonzo: Blah blah blah" with "retweeted by @friend" in little grey letters underneath.

The bottom line: you really don't do a good enough job of writing client software to call software that does a much better job of interacting with your service "redundant". Get over it. You should be paying these people a bonus, not cutting them off.

[Next week: Linden Lab's passive-aggressive relationship with alternate viewers. or not.]

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  1. Also, trying to hold a conversation means jumping back and forth between two panes, because your comments go in your stream but their comments show up in the mentions pane.